Europe’s stagnating and resource-poor economy needs the benefits shale gas development can provide even more than the United States. Energy Transformation’s  Jeremy Bowden – former Asia Editor of Energy Argus and Dow Jones – has assembled an overview of the development in of shale gas in key countries outside North America.

Country Estimate of shale gas  Reserves (EIA, Tcf) Main Shale Gas Investors Major Shale Plays Stage of Shale gas development 2020 Forecast/ Potential Social Opposition/Regulatory challenges/Commercial incentive?
Australia 437 Beach, Chevron, Statoil, PetroFrontier, Santos, Total, BG, Drillsearch, Falcon Cooper Basin, Southern Georgina, Kockatea, Beetaloo Basin Appraisal, testing, some gas produced High Permits awarded. Proven regulatory environment. Limited social opposition in outback.
India 100 ONGC-ConocoPhillips OIL-Carrizo Cambay Basin Licensing Arrangement, Initial exploration Low Changed mind on allowing Cairn and Reliance shale rights in existing blocks.
China 1115 Shell-Petrochina, Chevron-Petrochina, Petrochina-ConocoPhillips, Sinochem-Hess, Sinopec-Hess, Sinopec-ConocoPhillips, CCM Sichuan basin, Erdos basin, Bohai Bay, Songliao basin, Jianghan basin, Tuha basin, Tarim basin and Junggar basin Producing limited quantities Government target of 60bcm/yr Conflicting interests being resolved on the ground, steady operating environment developing but regulations not yet finalized. Must partner with local firm.
UK 130 (UKGS – 10% of Bowland TIP) IGAS, Cuadrilla, Dart, maybe Total Bowland Testing Uncertain Strong government support, including tax incentives. Social opposition, especially in south
Poland 148 Orlen, San Leon, FX Energy, PGNiG, ConocoPhillips Baltic Basin, Scinniy Basin, Fences Concession Testing, some gas produced Uncertain Government pro, but technical and commercial questions.
Ukraine 128 Shell-Nadra Yuzivska, Chevron Yuzivske field, Oleske field Licenses Approved Government target of 10% national demand – about 7bcm National and local government approval secured
Romania 51 Chevron Dobrogea area, south-east Romania Permission to drill Uncertain Initial ban reversed
Turkey 163 (TPAO) Cub Energy, Shell-TPAO, TPAO Dadas Shale (Oil), southeast Anatolia, Thracia Testing Good Fracking used in enhanced oil and gas recovery for 4 years.
South Africa 390 Shell, Chevron, Falcon Karoo Technical assessment Uncertain New regulations pending, ban lifted.
Argentina 802 YPF-Dow Chemical, Americas Petrogas Vaca Muerta Exploratory Good Local and national government approval.
Saudi Arabia 600 (Saudi estimate) Saudi Aramco Northwest, south Ghawar, Rub’ al-Khali Appraisal and pilot testing Enough for 1000MW power plant by 2017-8 Development plan in place to supply gas-fired power plant in north, start-up 2017-8